Inspirations de Noël will turn your municipality into a holiday masterpiece by creating a unique display that is sure to make the residents proud of their community! Inspirations de Noël has an expert design staff that specializes in municipal displays using the latest in LED technologies and custom built products. We continually meet with our suppliers to ensure we have all available products at our disposal to provide the best holiday display for your community.

Inspirations de Noël understands the importance of municipal installs and traffic flow, so we work around the clock to install our displays at the optimal moments and in ways that will not disrupt the community. We also have maintenance programs to ensure that your community’s display is always up and working with minimal down times.

Whether you're looking for pole mounted decorations, lamp decor, skylines, arches, commercial Christmas trees, holiday banners, ground or building Displays or commercial Christmas wreaths & garlands, Inspirations de Noël will make the holidays brighter in your community.

For an easy and spectacular holiday light experience, call the professionals at Inspirations de Noël today for a free municipal consultation!

If you have any questions, or want to schedule an estimate, please call us today!